• More Power
    More "Real World" Power To Your Meter
    94.3% PTC To STC Ratio
    -0.28% Temperature Coefficient
    High Performance Bifacial Technology
  • Power Optimized
    Outperforms String Inverters And Micro Inverters
    Individual Solar Module Monitoring
    Better Shade Mitigation
    Power Optimizers With Higher Wattage Ratings
  • Reliable Performance
    Proven Reliability In Harsh Environments
    Exceptional Low Light Performance
    Extremely Low Light Induced Degradation
    25 Year Linear Solar Module Warranty

Hyper X2, Ultra High Performance At An Affordable Price.

Ultra High Performance

The bifacial double sided solar panels that are used in Hyper X2 systems are rated in the top 1/4% of all the modules that are listed on the California Energy Commision's list of approved modules.

$0 Down Solar Loans

You won't find expensive leases and PPAs that force you to give up your financial incentives on this website. We offer real zero down financing and full system ownership.

Elegant Glass On Glass Design

Hyper X2 double sided solar panels use esthetically pleasing ultra thin, see through, glass on glass solar modules to enhance your home's curb appeal.

What Is Hyper X2 ?



Bifacial Power Production.


This Teslasolar.com website was created to honor to one of the world's greatest scientific minds, whose inventions have achieved more to benefit human existence than almost any man before or since.

Born in Croatia, of Serbian decent on July 10 1856, Mr. Tesla's vision was to create a better world for all of mankind. His inventions achieved exactly that by freeing humans from the drudgery of heavy manual labor.

In honor of Mr. Tesla's life and vision, we endeavor to free mankind of its dependency on carbon based fuels and instead promote the harnessing of the ultimate source of energy..... our Sun

The high performance Hyper X2 double sided solar panel is a comprehensive solar solution that combines the latest technological advancements in the PV industry and an aggressive pricing structure with the latest $0 down loan offerings with tax deductible interest that comprises the latest innovations in financing that the industry has to offer.

Hyper X2 double sided solar panels is not about expensive leasing or power purchase agreements. It's about the pride of owning one of the finest solar systems on the planet. And because you'll own your Hyper X2 system instead of renting it, you'll retain the 30% Federal tax credit as well as any applicable cash rebate for a much better return on investment. At its core, Hyper X22 was developed on the premise that higher performance and reliability, should not mean higher pricing. In fact you'll find that despite Hyper X2's industry leading specifications, Hyper X2 remains one of the best priced higher performance solar solutions on the market.

When it comes to performance and reliabilty, absolutely no one offers a better price/performance ratio than Hyper X22 double sided solar panels. The advanced bifacial PV technology that's used in Hyper X2 systems allows these N-type solar panels to produce energy from both the front and back side of each panel to provide up to an incredible 22.6% efficiency rating and a 94.3% PTC to STC ratio that outperforms the PTC to STC ratios of over 118 of the SunPower® solar panel models that are posted on the California Energy Commission's website. Hyper X2 also offers a -0.28%/ºC temperature coefficient for revolutionary performance in warm/hot climates.

Hyper X Solar Monitoring
Unlike the string inverter designs used by many SunPower® systems that only provide overall system performance monitoring, with Hyper X22's advanced monitoring system, you'll be able to observe the performance of each separate solar panel from any Internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

And with Hyper X2's higher 98.3% peak inverter efficiency and incredible 5 volt power optimizer startup voltage, you'll not only get better shade mitigation than an Enphase® based system, but as per a recent NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) sponsored study, you will also produce more power in shaded conditions.

Next we couple Hyper X2 double sided solar panels to one of the sturdiest U.S. made racking systems on the planet.
Thin might be in when it comes to the latest HDTV or smartphone but when it comes to securing the bulk of your investment to the roof of your home, you want the strongest mounting system made out of the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum that money can buy.The solar mounting ystems that are used in these Hyper X22 systems are unsurpassed in quality and durability, and are rated to withstand up to a 134 miles per hour wind speeds.

And finally when it comes to curb appeal, Hyper X22's aesthetically pleasing, frameless, glass on glass solar panel will enhance the beauty of just about any home.

Simply put, Hyper X22 is the new undisputed leader in affordable, high performance, high reliabilty solar solutions.


Why Choose Hyper X2 ?

Compare any brand, any model. When it comes to performance and reliabilty at a price that can't be beat. Hyper X2 has it all !

High Performance!

Performance is not measured by bifacial alone. It's  also measured by a solar panel's PTC rating and it's temperature coefficient. and Hyper X2 offers it all.

Third party solar panel PTC ratings are used by the State of California as well as other States to determine real world performance. With a 94.3% PTC to STC ratio and a -0.28%/ºC temperature coefficient, Hyper X2's real world energy production is hard to beat.

High Reliability!

Hyper X2 uses advanced double sided solar panel technology that packages high performance bifacial (double sided) technology between a double layer of glass instead of a moisture permeable EVA backsheet. These impenetrable  layers of glass protect the active circuit material like no other design in the industry.

The solar modules and inverters that are used in all Hyper X2 high performance system offerings have passed all IEC/UL environmental tests such as damp heat, thermal cycling , humidity and freezing and offer industry leading warranties.

Price/Performance Leader!

A complete 5kW or larger sized Hyper X2 system is priced at only $2.39 a watt. Add in a typical $1.00 to $1.30 per watt installation fee and your typical installed cost is less than $3.85 per watt before incentives .

Compare this to ordinary performing systems that are typically priced in the $5.00 to $6.00 per watt range and you'll understand why nobody beats Hyper X2 when it comes to price/performance .

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